Wealthy Affiliate ReviewAlmost everyone I talk to would love to have their own online business. Better yet, how about having an online business that actually makes money.

When I started looking for an online business opportunity, I wanted to find a business that was simple, was honest, helped others, had integrity, something I was passionate about and something that if I applied myself had unlimited income potential.

As I’m sure you know, that type of business is not easy to find and there are a lot of scams out there that offer big money but not much else. I’ve come across them and I’m sure you have too. As the saying goes if it sounds too good to be true, well you know the rest.

However, I don’t give up easily and I finally found a program that met every one of my criteria and quite honestly BLEW ME AWAY.


Before I tell you more about what I believe to be the No 1 online business opportunity, let me give you a better understanding of what affiliate marketing is and how you as an affiliate can generate an online business with unlimited income potential.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewAnyone can become an affiliate, but what does that mean. Quite simply there are THOUSANDS of company’s that have affiliate marketing programs promoting MILLIONS of products. The next time you are on Best Buy or Amazon, scroll down to the bottom of the website and you will see a link for an affiliate program.

What this does is gives YOU the opportunity to promote their product and earn a percentage of the purchase price on each sale. For you, that is great deal as you have no inventory, no shipping, no disgruntled customers and no overhead.

To become an affiliate is pretty simple but there are a few requirements. You have to have a website and I can show you how to easily get that done. You have to sign up for the affiliate programs.

You then create a website for a specific niche, preferably something you are passionate about, then promote relevant products and services thru an affiliate program. Once you start getting traffic to your site you get paid a percentage of each sale.

Wealthy AffiliateAs an example, if you join Amazon’s affiliate program, it opens the door to MILLIONS of products you can promote and earn a 2% to 10% commission depending on the product.  What you can earn as an affiliate is truly up to you.

If you want to earn an extra $1,000 or even $5,000 per month you can do that.  But the potential is MUCH HIGHER. Many are earning $100,000 per year or even 7 figures solely as an affiliate marketer. It obviously takes time and effort to build that type of business but the income potential is truly unlimited and entirely up to you.

Why do companies offer this. The main reason is they want to make more money. Instead of paying a high salary marketing team, these companies can generate a lot more sales by having people like you and me driving buyers to their products.

So it creates a win / win scenario for the company and the affiliate. There are certainly additional ways to generate income from an online business that you will learn as you go, but this alone is a pretty powerful opportunity to generate a significant online income for years to come.


Now that you better understand what affiliate marketing is, you may be interested in learning more, but what next. Now you need to learn what is needed to build a successful business.

This is where MY BEST RECOMMENDATION comes in, WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Very simply, Wealthy Affiliate is the PREMIER CHOICE for creating a successful online affiliate marketing business.

So what makes Wealthy Affiliate in my opinion the best choice in the affiliate marketplace today. Some very simple but POWERFUL BENEFITS.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewWealthy Affiliate is an online business training platform. As a member you get the training you need to build a successful online business, you get the tools you need such as web hosting and creating your own website, and you get the support of the entire community if you get stuck or need help with something you don’t understand.


The training that Wealthy Affiliate provides just doesn’t get much better. It allows someone with NO EXPERIENCE in this marketplace to learn as they go thru a step by step process. There are videos and live on line classes that teach and guide you on how to become a success in the online marketing space.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

So if you are a beginner that doesn’t know anything about affiliate marketing or even a seasoned pro wanting to learn advanced strategies, Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice for you.


Support is 24/7 365 days a year – The community of Wealthy Affiliate uses a pay it forward approach. Need an answer to your question or have a technical issue. Wealthy Affiliate is a growing community of over ONE MILLION members that is there to help and provides you instant access to experienced and knowledgeable leaders in the affiliate marketing industry that can answer any question you have.

Direct Access to the Founders and CEO – Not only do you have access to the most interactive and helpful community on the planet for internet entrepreneurs, you are going to be able to communicate and get help directly from the Founders, Kyle and Carson.

They are active in the community every day and will be there to offer help. Not a day goes by that you won’t see Kyle and Carson interacting with comments, posting blogs, offering new trainings or helping people directly with the campaigns and businesses. Nowhere else do you receive such special treatment.

Current and evolving training – Wealthy Affiliate is always in the process of adding new content that will help you with your business. The trainings are always kept current and cover a wide variety of topics from fundamental and basic issues to advanced marketing strategies. Simply search for the topic of interest and you will find it at Wealthy Affiliate.

State of the Art Web Hosting – To build a successful online business, you need a web hosting service you can rely on. The web hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is truly “STATE OF THE ART” with enough power and capacity to drive several multi million businesses from one account.

Wealthy Affiliate Review


This allows you to focus on other things to help grow your business as you can ABSOLUTELY RELY on speed, service and quality of Wealthy Affiliates web hosting technology which is one of the best in the industry.  One additional caveat, the web hosting service is FREE with your membership.

Go anywhere else and you will have to pay for a web hosting service.  This is an incredible deal and saves you significant money as you build your business.

All Inclusive Environment – Instead of having to go many different places to get part of what you need to build your business, with Wealthy Affiliate you get all of the training, tools services and support you need under one roof. From start to finish you will be well equipped to create and build a successful online business.

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewWeekly Promotion Free Live classes – Want to keep current on advanced strategies to help build your business. Every week there is a new live and interactive training you can take part in. These classes are typically run by Jay, one of the industry’s top experts, but there are also guest appearances by Kyle and others.

Each class is about 1.5 hours, has a live chat with a question and answer period and is available for replay the very next day. There are also hundreds of hours of past live classes available as well. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely going to help you do that.


Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE membership. That pretty unheard of in this industry. Since it is FREE you may not expect much but it’s actually pretty incredible. With your FREE membership you get instant access to Course 1 that includes 10 training’s, access to two classroom training’s, Phase I of Affiliate Boot Camp with another 10 lessons, access to two classroom training’s, limited access to advanced keyword search tools and two FREE websites plus website hosting. You also get to see the Wealthy Affiliate Community that shows you the type of support that is available for your business. That’s a pretty awesome deal.

The premium membership gives you everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. At the premium level, you get all 5 levels of training courses, all 5 levels of affiliate boot camp training, access to training classrooms and live webinars that provide advanced tips on how to build your business, unlimited advanced keyword searches, hosting of up to 50 websites and so much more.

And the best part, being a premium member is also affordable. You can sign up for your first month of premium membership for only $19. After that it is $49 a month or the yearly cost is an even better value for only $359.

The premium membership is also a truly amazing deal. As it gives you everything you need to build a successful business step by step and there are NO HIDDEN COSTS OR UPSELLS after that. That was something I really found refreshing.

When I looked at other affiliate marketing programs, most wanted a lot more money to start and one wanted $20,000 up front. It may have been worth it as no education is free, but with Wealthy Affiliate I found an absolutely awesome training program at a price that ANYONE CAN AFFORD.

For beginners, I would always recommend starting out for FREE. It’s completely risk free and you can see for yourself if this is a business you have truly have an interest in before you spend your hard earned cash.

Once you take a look and you decide this business is for you or you want to see more, sign up for the initial premium membership for only $19. This gives you a full month to learn even more and discover all of the amazing benefits Wealthy Affiliate has to offer YOU.

Then if you are truly serious about building a successful online business for many years to come, I would strongly encourage you to consider the one year premium membership as this gives YOU the best tools for continued success.

Keep in mind that any business that has any value will require some type of investment of time and money. I have looked at a lot of online business opportunities and believe me when I tell you there are not many places you can find that allows you to start an online business with unlimited profit potential for under $400 with the quality that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

That creates a really amazing opportunity for each of us. So my advice is to sign up for FREE today as you will never know if this is right for you until you try it. Then you can decide what the next best step is for you.


All you need to do is have a look around the community. SUCCESS IS HAPPENING EVERYWHERE and there are new stories every day. From people making their first sale online, to people making their first $1,000, to people making enough to be able to quit their day job.

Wealthy Affiliate

There are many examples of incredible success stories at Wealthy Affiliate and more are happening each day. Sure it will take time and HARD WORK. Creating anything of value does. But If you are willing to put forth the effort and consistently apply what is taught to you, you are going to come out on top and one of these success stories can be you.


Once you make the decision to join for FREE, I will offer you a SPECIAL BONUS if you decide to become a premium member within 7 days. I will be getting in touch with you personally to say hello, point you in the right direction and give you more details on your special bonuses


Ø Your 1ST month for ONLY $19 (a 59% Discount)

Ø Personal coaching from me!!

Ø My own Bonus training materials that will help grow your business even more

If you end up not liking it or deciding it’s not for you, well then there’s no pressure to stay. And with no membership fee you really have nothing to lose. But I think that you will truly enjoy the Wealthy Affiliate community. It has so much to offer!!!

If you have any questions check out this special report or if you need help with anything, leave me a comment below or drop a message on my profile page and I will be happy to help you in any way I can

So what are you waiting for???   Get instant access and start your new business today!!!!