If you have read my Wealthy Affiliate (WA) review or other reviews online , it seems like Wealthy Affiliate is just the perfect online opportunity.  Every review online is positive and you hardly ever see anything negative.

So is it really perfect???  Unfortunately no, but guess what nothing is.

So what else should you know about Wealthy Affiliate before you decide to join.  Today I want to share other comments that are out there about Wealthy Affiliate, go thru each one and take them head on.

Why would I share this with you.  Quite simply I pride myself on being honest, sometimes to a fault and I want to  give you the full truth regarding WA , or at least my truth so you can make the best decision for yourself on whether or not to join.

It is a long post but if you are considering Wealthy Affiliate, I think you will find it worthwhile.  So here goes.


The 7 Day Trial Period is Too Short     

You absolutely can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE and receive some additional access afforded to premium members during those 7 days.  As a starter member, the ability to ask questions and get help from the WA community will also be available for seven days.   And when you join Wealthy Affiliate there is a 7 day trial period to move to the premium level at a discounted price.

With your FREE membership you will have FULL ACCESS to LEVEL 01 of their training material which in my opinion is really good.  There is a lot of material to get thru so to maximize your trial period, before you sign up, make sure you will have time in the next 7 days to review as much as possible and check out as much as you can.

So what happens after 7 days.  The premium member features you had access to will no longer be available.  Also you will be asked to consider joining the premium level at a 1st month discounted price of $19.00/month.

If you chose not to you will still have free access as promised but will no longer have access to the premium membership items or be able to receive the discounted price for your first month at the premium level.

If you upgrade to premium AFTER the 7 day trial period, the monthly cost to join the premium level goes to $49 a month or a yearly fee of $359, which is only $30 a month.

So If you want to stay at the level that is free longer than 7 days you absolutely can and you can remain a FREE member as long as you like.

Just know it will just cost you an additional $30 more to join the premium level once you decide, which certainly doesn’t break the bank.

The premium level does have many advantages, but if you are not ready then take all the time you need.


Once I join the Premium membership, I cannot go back to the FREE plan

This one is true and once you are a Premium member, you cannot downgrade back to a free membership.

Why is that.  Once an affiliate moves to the premium level and has full access to all the training and has started building websites, it just difficult to go backwards and reset what has been started back to the FREE membership.

One option you may consider if you like what you see during the 7 day trial period, is to take advantage of the initial month at the premium level for only $19.00 after 7 days.  Try WA out for one month and decide if this is for you.  If not, you have only spent $19.00.

If it is for you, then you can either continue at the premium level per the monthly or yearly fee.   Or if you want to continue but don’t have the time right now, after your first full month, simply suspend your account until you are ready to continue at the premium level.

The additional advantage you have at the premium level is once you are at the Premium level and for whatever reason you want to take a break , you can continue where you left off later by re-subscribing.

When  you are ready, simply re-subscribe by logging into your cancelled subscription and follow the upgrade instructions.


There is a push to become a Premium Member

What are the competitors saying.  That Wealthy Affiliates are only concerned about getting a new member to the premium level for the affiliate commissions only.

They say Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, they are only interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate and the only way to make money is thru promoting WA for commissions.  In other words,  its a ponzi scheme, there is nothing of value and Wealthy Affiliate just wants your money.

I can assure you Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.  A true scam is where you pay your hard earned money and get nothing in return.  Having gone thru all of Wealthy Affiliates training, to me the statement not even close to being true.  I have gone thru all of WA trainings and found a ton of value at the premium level.  And there is so much more at the premium level than just the trainings.

How about the option to host 25 websites at no additional cost.  If you take the time to price this separately, that alone is worth the premium membership fee.

So yes, once you decide to join for FREE there will be reminders to upgrade to premium within 7 days to take advantage of the reduced monthly cost.   Some find this to be an aggressive marketing tactic.  Maybe it is.  Regardless, this the choice you have and it remains completely yours.

And while I may lose business by saying this,  I would encourage anyone to do their own research and due diligence on what it will take to start a successful online and affiliate marketing business BEFORE you join any program.

There are a ton of resources on the internet that will help you determine if this is the right business for you and is something you want to pursue further.  Let’s face it, this business is not a perfect fit for everyone, but it can be a great business if you are willing. 

Once you have decided to go ahead, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn and upgrading to premium gives you a much better chance for success.

The other reason I am sharing this with you is I would rather have a person join Wealthy Affiliate once they truly understand what’s involved rather than not knowing, spending their hard earned cash, getting discouraged and giving up.

My  Website Taken Down After 30 Days

For members  with a FREE membership only that choose to leave Wealthy Affiliate, any website that has been created will be taken down after 30 days.

If you choose to leave at the Premium level and come back later, your site can be re-activated up to two years.

For both FREE members and Premium members, once you leave WA you will have 30 days before your site is de-activated and you will no longer have access

While this can be  frustrating,  It’s also important to understand that there is a cost to maintain and host a website.  With most web hosting companies you are lucky if they give you 30 days to transfer your site and It doesn’t make a lot of sense for a company to maintain active website for inactive members.

Still there are a few things you can do to protect your site information.  One is to always have a backup of your website.  The other option if you want your site to be independent from Wealthy Affiliate is to use anther web hosting company for your site.  There will be a cost for this but your site will be independent from Wealthy Affiliate.

Finally if you are planning to leave Wealthy affiliate for any reason, just transfer your site to another web hosting company before you cancel your Wealthy Affiliate membership.  Don’t wait until you decided to leave.

Wealthy Affiliate offers no refunds

How many people don’t bother to read the fine print before joining.  MOSTLY EVERYONE. 

Before you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, I strongly encourage you to read  thru the terms of use which is on the signup page of their website which clearly indicates their refund and cancellation policy.

It is a very legal document, you most likely won’t understand everything but you can better understand what their policies are before you join.    Essentially you will be charged for the services you agree to.

So if you sign up for a one month membership, there is no refund after a couple days,  Same with the yearly membership.  If you decide after 3 months WA is not for you, unfortunately there is no refund, but you can suspend your account and rejoin later.  Could the policy be different, perhaps but it’s not.  So just understand their policy before you join and then you won’t be surprised.


Wealthy Affiliate tells New Members to Promote Wealthy Affiliate as their No  #01 Choice.

If you do a search online you will find a ton of extremely positive reviews promoting Wealthy Affiliate as the Number #01 choice that also list a ton of benefits and pretty much nothing negative.  The negative comments are usually none or people spend too much time online chatting.

That is a little lame. But In my experience the benefits  listed in the Wealthy Affiliate reviews including mine are true.  Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer.  But let’s face it nothing is perfect and that’s what this report is all about.

So does Wealthy Affiliate strongly suggest to new members that they promote Wealthy Affiliate only.  Again, if you sign up for FREE you can find out yourself.

What Wealthy Affiliate promotes is to find a niche you are truly passionate about.  In the Level 01 training which is part of the free membership, Wealthy Affiliate does say if you cannot find a niche, that you can make money promoting Wealthy Affiliate and you can.  But this is in no way a requirement, it’s a choice and one that you get to make.

I have chosen to promote Wealthy Affiliate as well as having a niche site.  There are many in Wealthy Affiliate members  that never promote Wealthy Affiliate and build a niche site only.  If you decide to join, simply make the choice that is right for you.

WA is a Scam Teaching Members  to Trash Other Companies and Promote WA

Let me see if I can paraphrase a comment I found from a former Wealthy Affiliate  member online.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches ALL of their members to write a review of a competing internet marketing training product, even if you have never tried it or seen any of their training.  Go out of your way to call that product a scam.

Then recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the No #01 way to make money online despite not knowing anything about making money online yourself.

Some pretty harsh criticism.  So what is true and what is not.

With promoting Wealthy Affiliate being one of the options you have when you join as a new member, I am sure there are a lot of new and inexperienced folks that start out promoting Wealthy Affiliate and quite honestly if you read some of these WA reviews it sounds like the 2nd coming of Jesus.

With that said, as a member of WA, I have NEVER got anything from their training or their website to run promotions in this way.

Does WA suggest you write product review of other products you are familiar with.  Absolutely.  Is there any suggestion to trash other companies.  Absolutely not and If there is I missed that part of the training.

In reading any review online you need to always remember it is one person’s opinion and you can usually tell  if it is B.S. or too good to be true by doing a little of your own research and you ultimately decide for yourself the value of the content you are reading.


The other comment I read online is Wealthy Affiliate provides a list of 175 companies to write phony scam reports about the competition and sing wonderful praises of Wealthy Affiliate.  Again promoting WA as the NO #01 online marketing resource.

In all my time with Wealthy Affiliate I can tell you emphatically there is no list and WA does not recommend trashing other companies.  Has there been some members that may have written unfair reports about other companies only to promote their opportunity.   I don’t doubt that it has happened.  And if someone has done that it is simply wrong.

Many on the internet these days think they are safe and anonymous behind their computer and can write anything without consequence.  For me, honesty and integrity matters and I hope it does for you too.

There is nothing wrong with writing a report about a product or a service if you do proper research and have facts or experience to back up what you say.  But if you are just winging it which a lot of people do, it is unfair to the companies they write about and the people involved.

There are other companies in this market other than Wealthy Affiliate  such as Site Sell It and MOBE and from what I can see they are good companies.  Are they perfect companies, no.

One company offers hosting one website only and along with their yearly membership, there are other costs you will have to pay for above the monthly membership fee.  The other company was just a little too expensive for me to get started,  but I liked some of their services and may purchase some of their products in the future.  But I encourage you to do your own  research and find out for yourself.

For me, Wealthy Affiliate was a better fit and I see no need to trash other companies to promote WA.

As I build my business I will continue to use other services outside of Wealthy Affiliate if it helps me add value.  There is nothing wrong with using other sources outside of WA, especially if it can help build your business.

As I said before, Wealthy Affiliate does not have to be a one stop shop and it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  So my advice is to play nice.


I’ll Start with the Big one first  from One of Our Competitors

Wealthy Affiliate Sites Don’t Make Money

If you spend anytime online, you will see this discussed on some of the competitor sites.  How can they say this.

What they are referring to is there are services such as alexa.com, semrush.com and similarweb.com, where if you subscribe to these services you can see the ranking and income of numerous sites online.

The competitor’s website states their site are 33X more profitable than Wealthy Affiliate sites.  Since I don’t subscribe to these services, this is not something I can verify other than using the FREE search tool on sImilarweb.com.  (Pretty neat, you should check it out)

Whether this is true or not is really not important to me.  In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate does provide all the tools and education you need to be successful.

What is important is what will you do to build your website and make it successful.  Because ultimately that is really all that matters.  Can you do that thru Wealthy Affiliate.  Absolutely.

You Can’t Make ANY Money Online Promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 

In my opinion this has some truth but stay with me.

There is no doubt there are a ton of Wealthy Affiliate reviews online and the competition in this niche, which is affiliate marketing and making money online is extremely high.

And no matter what anyone tells you, if you think all you need to do is to create a website and money will come pouring in you are sadly mistaken.

Can you still promote Wealthy Affiliate and have success.  In my opinion yes, but how.

If you have a site that promotes Wealthy Affiliate ONLY, since competition is so high you will have a tough time as it will be extremely difficult to get ranked in any search engine and almost impossible to stand out.

So what will improve your chances.  For me your website has to offer something more than just referring people to Wealthy Affiliate.  There has to be other content on your website that has value.  Also as your website grows and gets more traffic, this also improves you search engine rankings

You have to remember, with any online business, you are not only building a web site,  you are building a business and building your brand.  And you get people to come to your site by offering value.  This is not going to happen overnight.

Also remember that search engines are NOT THE ONLY WAY to bring traffic to your site and as you will learn thru  WA’s trainings, there are many other ways to promote your site to maximize site traffic.


Wealthy Affiliates FREE Site Rubix Site is Considered SPAM by Google

When you join Wealthy Affiliate for free you get two site rubix sites.  What does that mean.  Simply it is your website address.

Rather that have a site name of myawesomewebsite.com.  it becomes my awesomewebsite.siterubix.com.


Obviously this is not a site name you want to have if you are truly serious about your business.

So if you have to change the domain name, is there any benefit in the FREE website Wealthy Affiliate offers at the starter level.  In my opinion, yes.  You can still build a viable website with the Site Rubix address.

At some point though you will want to get a dot.com or dot.org address for your website.  This is simply done by purchasing a domain name for about $14.00 and you can then transfer all of your content from the site rubix address to your dot.com website all within Wealthy Affiliate at the click of a button.

Wealthy Affiliate promotes you can build a website in 30 seconds

This is another one you can check out if you sign up for FREE.  This is in the Level 01 training – Build your site in 30 seconds.  Is the statement a little misleading perhaps.  Anything to be concerned about in building your business, no.

It used to be that it was a lot of work to construct a website.  Now it is much simpler and you can have a high quality website FORMATTED and up and running in the blink of an eye.  So while technically you can have a website up and running in 30 seconds, there is still a lot of work to do to add content to your site and the additional trainings in Wealthy Affiliate do show you how to do that.


Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress only which is a blog website

 Wealthy Affiliate does use WordPress exclusively for the websites you have access to.  WordPress started out as a blog website primarily but that was years ago and WordPress has since expanded beyond that.

Today there are many WordPress themes to choose from  and one thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is they offer many WordPress themes that can be changed with the click of a button.

Is WordPress a strong web theme platform.  In my opinion yes.  But WordPress has their own website, so check it out yourself.  If this is a concern see what they offer before you join Wealthy Affiliate.

When you are doing searches online, check out their website designs  to see if WordPress has quality sites.  If you feel there are other web designs that offer more, you can create your site outside of Wealthy Affiliate.  Just understand you will have more cost to do this.

Wealthy Affiliate Training’s are Outdated

Personally I have not found the Wealthy Affiliate trainings to be outdated.  Does WA trainings cover all  latest online marketing strategies.  Not sure if they have all the latest strategies,  but I can tell you  they do cover ton of current strategies you need to know for you to be successful in  your online business and are always updating.  

I think it is also important to note they Wealthy affiliate has a live training every Friday from Jay who is one of their top affiliates.   Jay has been in the online marketing work for at least ten years so you are learning from one of the best.  Jay’s trainings are and excellent and cover many  of the most current topics.

There was a live training done recently to show YOU how to start a business being a consultant to local businesses to improve their online marketing.  As you become more experienced in this space,  you will learn the skills to offer a consultant service and this is a truly viable business option.

There are also literally hundreds of other training’s you can access from some WA top marketers by simply typing in a search on the topic you want to know more about

While you can learn a lot from Wealthy Affiliate training’s, you can always look outside of Wealthy Affiliate for any additional business building strategies you may need.

No matter how good a program is it is not a one stop shop and it is always good to explore other resources in building your online business as you need to.

WA promotes using only Low Hanging  Fruit to get ranked in the search engines 

So what are we talking about here.  When you have a campaign and create content for your site, obviously you want your content to get ranked in the search engines, preferably on the first page.

What Wealthy Affiliate suggests is doing relevant and specific keyword searches to target lower traffic and lower competition search listings.  Is this bad,   In my opinion, no.

Using a strong keyword search tool  allows you to see the competition in your niche as well as the traffic.   You can certainly try to get ranked with keywords that have higher traffic, but it probably isn’t likely.

If you are not on the first page most likely no one is finding your site.  So WA suggests using lower traffic searches that still have traffic but not the highest traffic.

Quite honestly if you have little chance at getting ranked on high traffic search lists, the next best choice is targeting search lists with lower traffic.


Some Countries Cannot Join for FREE

There are seven countries who do not have the option of free signup with Wealthy Affiliate.

This includes Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Why do these countries not have the option to sign up for free.  Because Wealthy Affiliate had too many spam issues in these countries and had to block the free access.  So unfortunately there’s always a few that seem to ruin it for everyone else.

While this is unfortunate, if you live in one of these countries, if you are truly interested, I would not let this deter you.

Tons of Lessons and Training is Overwhelming

Should you decide to move to the premium level, there is a ton of training which can quite honestly be overwhelming to someone just starting out.  It was for me.

But if you truly want to learn more about building an online business,  take the time to do the training’s.  The training’s are well done, show you a step by step process, will teach you a lot and give you a good foundation to start your business.

It may take someone new 2 or 3 months to get thru all of the training’s.  But this is the foundation and education you need if you want your new business to be successful.

Just remember, building a business is not a race.  Take the time you need and do a little each day.

There is no Phone Number to Call

 You’re right there isn’t.  Everything, including Wealthy Affiliate support is done online thru the Wealthy Affiliate Website.

Speaking for myself, I am older and maybe a little old fashioned as I always like speaking to a live voice when I need help.

However, it is not offered and I have not found it to be a hindrance in any way.  There are private message options if you want to get in touch with the Owner directly and they are responsive to your request.

Also the few times I have needed support I have gotten an answer to my problem right away.

Some Wealthy Affiliate Members are Too Concerned with Rankings

Once you join Wealthy Affiliate, there is a ranking system for each member.  It’s not something I’m a big fan of but also something I don’t concern myself too much with either.  The ranking you receive in Wealthy Affiliate is a based on your activity in the community based on four factors.

Helper Rank – How much you help and how timely it is within the community

Creator Rank – Do you blog, do you create discussions, do you create training.

Activity Rank – How active are you within the community.  Do you leave comments. Do you interact with new members.

Overall Member Rank – Based on the combination above

I STRONGLY agree that you want to help others as much as you can and it is one thing I enjoy about Wealthy Affiliate.  Just understand that your ranking is simply an indicator on how active you are within the community, but does not affect or impact how successful you will be at building your online business


So there you have it and if you have read this far, thanks for staying with me.  Hopefully you now have everything you wanted to know about Wealthy Affiliate before you decide to join.  If not, leave me a comment below and I will get you an answer.

While Wealthy Affiliate is not perfect, in my opinion it is still an incredibly awesome place to learn and grow your online business.  But once again, Wealthy Affiliate can provide you the tools you need.  But the success YOU CREATE is truly up to you.

Still interested.  If so CHECK OUT MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW to find out ALL THE BENEFITS membership provides plus ADDITIONAL BONUSES for joining today.

Hope to see you in the Wealthy Affiliate Community soon.

All the Best