Have you ever thought abut the impact that music has on you.    Just think about one of your favorite songs and how it makes you feel.  Then think about a song that perhaps you don’t like.  I am guessing that when you think of each song, it causes a totally different reaction in you.

This truly illustrates the power of music.  We use music in our daily lives to make us feel good, to lift us up, to calm us down, to celebrate with friends and family, and especially on Holidays.

For many music is a part of our everyday life because it has the ability to affect our mood instantly and put our mind in a happier or better place.


So if music can have such an impact on our emotions and feelings, can we use music for calming of every day stress and healing.  To answer this, lets look at what music is and more importantly what it does for us. First understand that all life is energy and all energy emits a frequency which is simply a vibration of energy.

Just like different music affects us differently, so do different frequencies.  Have you ever had the thought, “Wow that really resonates with me or for those of us old enough to remember that good old Beach Boys song, I’m thinking of Good Vibrations.

Whether we realize it or not, life’s frequencies impact us every day.

With music, certain frequencies can boost endorphins which has a relaxing and calming effect on the body and these frequencies promote stress relief, pain relief, anxiety relief and so much more.

I truly believe that frequencies are the energy of life, and can affect you in  GOOD WAY OR A BAD WAY.   So why not listen to music that will have an incredibly positive impact on your overall health, wellness, pain and so much more.


In my opinion, one word – STRESS.  Let’s face it,  life is challenging and we each deal with some level of stress in our lives each day.   If you can find a simple and impactful way to reduce your stress, you have a clearer mind, a better focus and a more positive attitude.

And that is a great mindset to have each day as you build your new business.   Personally I use music every day to reduce stress and give my mind a more positive and productive attitude and it has helped me in so many ways in my business and in my personal relationships.


In my search for stress relief and natural healing, I came across a musical project called WHOLETONES and instantly wanted to know more.  As I learned more about this special project,.

I discovered that the music of WHOLETONES  was created to include healing frequencies in each song that provides tremendous benefit to the body, mind and spirit in many different ways.

In all there are seven healing songs that many are finding beneficial in improving their mental health, energy, clarity, stress and so much more.  The great part is you can listen to samples of this music for FREE and learn even more about the WHOLETONES project by going to the link below.

There is also a 91 page book called WHOLETONES – THE SOUND OF HEALING provided that will give you even more insight to the incredible power of frequencies and this incredible music.  It explains the frequencies even more and shows you how to receive the most healing benefit from each song.


I understand that you might be skeptical.  But WHOLETONES has received countless testimonials on how this music has benefited them and greatly improved their body, mind and spirit.  And I include my wife and myself  among those who are so grateful for this music.

As I mentioned before, my wife and I listen to this music every day and we absolutely love the positive impact it gives us thru stress reduction, a more cheerful attitude, more peaceful sleep and for my wife who deals with chronic pain.

While you may not believe in a holistic approach, I’m sure you can recall many times in your life when music made you feel better, happier, more empowered and stronger.  So I encourage you to consider this and open your mind to the healing benefits this music provides.

These are simply beautiful songs at frequencies that are known to provide impactful healing benefits and this wonderful music can GIVE YOU these amazing healing benefits as well.

Also know that Creator of WHOLETONES is a very religious man and so am I.  You may or may not be.  Regardless I encourage you not let this cause doubt or resistance to this music.  Simply understand that resistance creates negativity which is counterproductive to music that can help you.

Whatever your belief,  simply listen without judgement.  Let opinions fall aside and hear and feel the full power of this music, as truly the only thing that matters is how this music BENEFITS YOU!!!


Once you decide to try this incredible music, along with the 7 CD’s and the Sound of Healing Book, you also instantly receive all the music and the book to download to your computer so you can begin enjoying WHOLETONES right away.

There is also a new collection of WHOLETONE songs for a restful sleep and these songs are absolutely amazing in providing a better  more restful sleep.

The cost of WHOLETONES is about the same as a nice night out at your favorite restaurant but THE BENEFIT YOU RECEIVE WILL LAST A LIFETIME.  There is also a complete money back guarantee.  So there really is no risk for you try it and find out how this music can benefit you.

You know it seems most of us are willing to spend more on our comforts and cravings than on our own well being.  I encourage you to consider your well being first and give WHOLETONES a try today by clicking on the link, as I truly believe that you will be so glad you did.

I listen to this amazing music every day and the benefits it has given me are nothing short of incredible.  Please feel free to share any comments or questions you may have.

All the best to your health and wellness!!!