One of the most important parts of any online business is using an effective keyword search tool to successfully promote your online campaign. It can also be one of the most time consuming aspects for your business.

Let’s face it, you want keyword searches that are going to be effective, going to get you ranked and most importantly going to get traffic to your website, which is what a strong keyword search tool should provide.


Before I begin let’s look at some other choices to see what is the best keyword search tool choice for your business.

When you look for keyword search tools online there are many to choose from. In my search for the best tool, I have used and looked at several and am familiar with most of the popular ones you find online. What separates one keyword search tool from another are features, cost and convenience.

Keyword Search tools like SEMrush, Buzzsumo and Market Samuri are certainly good choices but the cost will run anywhere from $99/month to $499/month. For someone just starting out, that can be expensive. There are also free online keyword search tools but the results are quite honestly much more limited.

With some of these other Keyword search tools, I also found I get a lot of information I don’t need and in a lot of cases information that is completely useless. In any business time and money matters and if I can use a keyword search tool that gives me everything I need in one place at a competitive price that helps grow my business, well that’s the service I want.

Today I want to share with you what I discovered about JAAXY. I use this keyword search tool everyday and have found it to be one of the best.


Why do I use JAAXY and consider it a better choice. Quite simply when I am doing research for an online marketing campaign there are really only SIX metrics that I truly care about

• Finding strong and relevant keywords quickly for my online campaign.
• Can the keyword search be done in a singular task
• How much competition does the keyword have
• How much traffic does the keyword get
• Does the search pull results from ALL search engines
• Is the information collected specific, reliable and accurate
• Can I use the information collected to drastically improve my online marketing campaign

Unlike some of the other keyword services I have tried, JAAXY definitely meets all of this criteria and more. For many, the biggest fear seems to be the niche they select for their online marketing campaign just has too much competition.

What makes JAAXY so effective is when you find relevant keywords that have low competition with a good amount of traffic, it is so much easier to achieve a high search ranking by simply creating strong content relevant to that keyword.

By finding these money making keywords, it will make all the difference in creating a more successful and profitable online campaign. Since using JAAXY, I have not had a need to use any other keyword search tool and every update JAAXY rolls out makes the website better and better.


Using JAAXY is so easy and the JAAXY interface is simple and gives you the following:

Keyword Search – Just like any search engine type in the keyword you are researching and JAAXY will go to work.
AVG – This shows the average monthly searches that this keyword gets in Google, Bing and Yahoo combined. The recommended minimum is 50 searches. Also compared to other search tools, which can be off by quite a bit, I have found JAAXY to be very accurate.
Traffic – This will show the estimated traffic you will receive if you are on the first page of Google. This is the lowest estimated traffic for sites listed on the first page. So you may experience even higher traffic than what is shown and like any search engine, the higher on the page you rank, the more traffic you will get.
QSR – QSR stands for Quoted Research Results and tells you how many sites are competing for the same keyword or keyphrase. A QSR of 100 or less is very low competition, 200 is low competition, 300 is considered medium competition and any QSR above 300 will be much more difficult to rank.
KQI – This gives you the keyword quality indicator. Pretty straightforward. Green means good. Yellow means more difficult and red means you will be better off to try using something else.
SEO – This stands for Search Engine Optimization power and this tells you if your keyword is good for SEO, meaning how easy will it be to rank for a specific keyword and if you will get a good amount of visitors. The higher the number the better and anything over 80 is good. Consider targeting keywords that have a low QSR and a high SEO value.
Domains – This tells you if there are exact match domain names for your keyword search. Google launched this exact match domain filter in 2012 to prevent poor quality sites from ranking well simply because they had words that match the search term in their domain names. However, Google is mostly concerned about providing good content and uses 200 other ranking factors in their algorithms for determining ranking and domain name is only one of them. I don’t worry too much about this but still it is a nice feature to find available domain names for your campaign.
Related – Gives you a list of keywords that are similar to the keyword being searched helping you target additional keywords that get good traffic but have low competition.


The keyword search tool in JAAXY is incredibly powerful, but the best part is there is so much more to JAAXY which truly separates them from the competition.

Site Rank – This is incredibly useful to see how well your site or post is ranking and you can also use it to see how your competition is doing
Alphabet Soup – This feature takes advantage of Google’s instant feature to add letters of the alphabet to your keyword. This then allows you to brainstorm additional keywords that you may not have thought of otherwise for additional success to your online campaign
Saved Lists – Allows you to save your keyword search lists. A great time saver as you don’t need to write them down and can come back to them later. You can also organize your lists by topic or niche.
Search History – JAAXY will keep track of all the keywords searched and keep an ongoing list for future reference.
Search Analysis – A powerful tool that allows you to see which sites or pages are listed in the top 10 positions of Google, Bing or Yahoo. This tool gives you the metrics of other sites such as URL, meta description, meta keywords, word count, site links, back links Alexa rankings, whether or not they are using Adsense and it is a great way to check out what your competition is doing.
Affiliate Programs – Once you have your keyword, you need to know if there is money to be made in your niche. You can use this tool to search four of the more popular affiliate companies to find affiliate programs and products for you to promote and earn money with. Just keep in mind that there are many other affiliate programs available outside of this search that you can build a profitable online campaign around. One is But there are many more. You just have to look.
Training – JAAXY has three videos you can watch that will show you all the different features of JAAXY and how to better research and refine your keyword searches within your niche.
Bonus Reports – These exclusive bonus reports reveal additional tips on developing high traffic, low competition keyword searches and gives you ANOTHER business opportunity if you are interested which is how to profit from buying and selling domain names.

In Addition Here Are Even More Reasons to Consider JAAXY

• One stop shop – JAAXY is the only keyword search tool you will need
• Very easy and user friendly to use
• JAAXY speed is lightning fast with super accurate data
• No software or installation download needed
• Revolutionary in finding the best keywords to accelerate your online campaigns
• JAAXY upgrades are done behind the scenes so you will always have the most current version.
• Useful for all levels of online and internet marketers
• Low Monthly cost!!!

With all of the amazing features and benefits this powerful tool has to offer, you truly can take your business the next level with JAAXY!!!


JAAXY is incredibly affordable for Your Business and if you are not convinced yet, you can try JAAXY for FREE. Yes, the FREE plan is limited but it is powerful enough that you can start earning money for your online campaign without spending a dime.

Pro Plan – For only $19.00 a month the PRO PLAN has everything you need for successful keyword search campaigns. As long as you are not managing a ton of websites, this level is really good for the new internet marketer as well as the experienced internet marketer.

Some quick benefits is it is 3X faster than the Free plan, has unlimited searches, as well as many of the features previously discussed that are not available in the FREE plan.

Enterprise Plan – If you are and advanced internet marketer with a lot of sites to manage and are looking for more power, extra features and wanting to go to an even higher level, then this might be the right option for you. The cost of $49.00 a month is still lower than most of the other online search tools. Check out the cost comparison below to choose the plan that is right for your business.


If you are still not sure if JAAXY can benefit your online business, think of this. To have a successful online campaign, keywords aren’t just important, they are essential elements of search engine optimization success.

Using the best keywords for your online campaign will attract visitors, bring potential sales and ultimately more money for your business. Skipping the keyword process will make it extremely more difficult for your online campaign to be successful and put you behind your competition.

This is what makes a good keyword search tool so important. It will save your business time, headaches and above all money. You don’t have to guess how successful your niche will be if you use a powerful keyword search tool, you will know.

I use JAAXY to do my keyword search every day because it saves me time, gives me even more ideas than I thought of originally, keeps me ahead of my competitors and makes my business more profitable. And I encourage you to consider giving your business the same advantage.

Not only is JAAXY an awesome keyword research tool, in my opinion it is the best one out there in this field

So why not give it a try……CLICK HERE AND TRY JAAXY FOR FREE TODAY!!!

I hope this review has been helpful and would love to hear your stories, comments or opinions.

All the Best